Overview The Donated Works section displays treasures that have been generously donated to
the museum by individual collectors, including exquisite examples of painting,
ceramics, sculpture, lacquer ware, metal arts, tiles, and more.

Exhibition Scale 2,844.62㎡

Kaneko Kazushige Gallery Exhibition Room Preview(VR)

Main Collection

이전 주요유물 목록 다음 주요유물 목록


    • The Kaneko Kazushige Gallery showcases around 80 of the more than 1000 cultural properties from various Asian countries donated by Kaneko Kazushige (b. 1925), the president of the Institute of Asian Ethno-Forms and Culture in Japan.
    • Over the past 40 years or so, Mr. Kaneko has collected these precious cultural properties from 30 Asian countries. Highlighted by splendid Buddhist cultural properties from countries in Southeast Asia, including statues, paintings, and scripture boxes, the incredibly diverse collection also features lacquer wares, earthenware, ceramics, costumes, and textiles, projecting the living culture of many different parts of Asia.
    • Kaneko Kazushige decided to donate to the National Museum of Korea to contribute to the formation of closer ties between Korea and Japan.