Overview The Donated Works section displays treasures that have been generously donated to
the museum by individual collectors, including exquisite examples of painting,
ceramics, sculpture, lacquer ware, metal arts, tiles, and more.

Exhibition Scale 2,844.62㎡

Individual Donations Exhibition Room Preview(VR)


    • Since the restoration of Korean independence in 1945, more than 270 individuals have donated their cultural properties to the National Museum of Korea, without recompense, in order to share Korea’s cultural legacy with the rest of the world. These benefactors include people from all walks of life: everyday citizens, prominent social figures, Koreans living abroad, and foreigners. Donations from foreigners and Koreans living abroad are particularly significant, as such cases represent the retrieval of cultural properties that were once taken out of the country.
    • The types of donated assets vary as much as the donors: bronzewares, ceramics, wooden furniture, metal crafts, stationery, paintings, and many more. In total, over 27,000 pieces have been donated.