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Overview The Calligraphy and Painting section displays masterful examples of Korean traditional painting, Buddhist painting, and calligraphy, allowing visitors to appreciate the subtle
yet striking confluence of line and color that is inherent to Korean calligraphy and

Exhibition Scale 2,737.41㎡

Buddhist Painting Exhibition Room Preview(VR)

Main Collection

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  • Buddhist paintings, intended to convey the Buddha’s teachings, include icon paintings hung at temples as objects of worship, sutra illustrations, and ornamental paintings for embellishing temple structures.
  • The Buddhist Painting gallery is divided between works from the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties, which are further organized by theme. Beginning with paintings in sacred Buddhist scriptures, it also showcases Buddhist paintings for sanctuaries, and pictures of Bodhisattvas, Buddha’s disciples, and Buddhist monks of high virtue. Also, a Buddhist hanging scroll for outdoor rituals is thematically rotated for display in an exposed atrium.