Past Exhibitions

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Overview The Calligraphy and Painting section displays masterful examples of Korean traditional painting, Buddhist painting, and calligraphy, allowing visitors to appreciate the subtle
yet striking confluence of line and color that is inherent to Korean calligraphy and

Exhibition Scale 2,737.41㎡

Painting Exhibition Room Preview(VR)


    • Korean painting came into its own and established a distinctive tradition during the Joseon period. Professional painters at the Royal Academy of Painting (Dohwaseo) demonstrated their skill through documentary pictures of ceremonial palace events, while royal family members, nobility, and men of the literati also took up painting as a pastime and explored their own aesthetic world.
    • The Painting gallery features paintings from the Joseon Dynasty that are classified by theme, such as: genre paintings; portraits; landscapes; flower, bird, and animal paintings; paintings of the Four Gracious Plants; royal court paintings; and folk paintings.