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China’s Auspicious Designs (Provisional title)
Date 2012-02-03 Hit 1260



China’s Auspicious Designs (Provisional title)



 Location: China Gallery in the Asia Art section, 3F


  Date   :  07-24-2012 ~ 09-09-2012




ㅇExhibited artifacts: Around 50 works mostly owned by the National Museum of Korea, including craftworks, paintings, and calligraphic works


This exhibition sheds light on “auspicious designs” that were used as key subject matters of Chinese art and that extensively influenced Korea and Japan, and introduces their meaning. The auspicious designs are still widely used and will enable visitors to better understand Chinese views of nature, happiness, and life.



Roof-End Tiles (Wadang) with auspicious design

Han Dynasty

Jar with pine, bamboo, and Japanese apricot designs

13-14th century