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Exhibition guide for foreigners

Permanent Programs

Guide for foreigners (No Permanent Guided Tours on Sep. 27th, the day of Chuseok <Korean Thanksgiving Day>).
Guide for foreigners
Guide Course Meeting Point Guide Hours
English Information Desk for The Great
Hall of the Permanent Exhibition
Tue-Fri  10:00~11:00
Sat ∙ Sun  11:00~12:00
Japanese Information Desk for The Great
Hall of the Permanent Exhibition
Tue-Fri  10:00~11:00
Sat ∙ Sun  11:00~12:00
Chinese Information Desk for The Great
Hall of the Permanent Exhibition
Tue-Fri  10:00~11:00
Sat ∙ Sun  11:00~12:00
French Information Desk for The Great
Hall of the Permanent Exhibition
The 2nd Saturday of each month  11:00~12:00
Curator's Talk (In korean)
  • Wednesdays (Late-Night Openings) 19:00-19:30

Reservation Programs

Museum Masterpiece Guide
  • Showcases masterpiece relics that have been collected by the National Museum of Korea.
  • Groups of adults, university and tourism must call and make a reservation at least one day before their desired visitation date. (English: 02-2077-9683 , Japanese: 02-2077-9676 , Chinese: 02-2077-9686)
Smart Curator
  • A new concept storytelling exhibition guide, which uses tablet PC, is being offered.
  • Reservations should be made prior to your visit.
  • Tel. 02-2077-9683
※ Theme course of Smart Curator
English Director's Choices | Working With Clay | The Story of Buddha | World Heritage of Korea|
日 本 語 朝鮮の国王
中 國 語 韩国世界文化遗产
Sign language exhibition guide
  • Tel. reservations (02-2077-9045) and onsite reception available
* This service may change depending on the museum’s circumstances.

Digital/Audio-guided Tours (PDA/MP3)

  • Digital/Audio Tour Guides are available for visitors aged 14 or above, with a personal ID.
  • The Digital Guides feature bookmark and advanced search functions to provide detailed information.
  • Rental Fees: Digital Guide(PDA) 3,000 won / Audio Guide(MP3) 1,000 won
  • We recommend that you reserve a Digital/Audio Guide at least one day prior to your visit.
  • Internet reservations cannot be made on the exact date that you wish to visit. After those who made their reservations ahead of time receive their tickets, the remaining tickets will be sold on the day of viewing at the ticket booth on a first-come first-served basis. (The returned devices can be rented out 2-3 hours later as they need to be inspected and recharged.)

Visitor Service

  • Wheelchairs and strollers are available free of charge in the Great Hall.
    ※ Baby carriages are only rented for children who weigh less than 15kg.
  • The museum has a free coat check available to the west of the Main Entrance available free of charge.
  • Coin storage lockers are available in two locations: in the Special Exhibition Gallery and in front of the Children’s Museum. A refundable 100 won coin is required.
  • A nursing room is located in the Great Hall, on the first floor across from the museum shop.
  • There are three museum shops, as well as an online store. [online store (in Korean)]

Notice to Visitors

  • Smoking is prohibited on museum property, except in designated smoking areas.
  • Food, beverages, and pets are prohibited. Certified Service Animals will be permitted to assist visitors with disabilities.
  • Cell phones must be turned off or switched to silent mode before you enter the exhibition galleries.
  • Please be quiet and do not run around within the exhibition halls.
  • Do not touch artifacts or behave in any way that might damage the items on display.
  • Photography without a flash is permitted in the museum, but photographs can only be used for private purposes. Tripods are not permitted in any part of the museum.
  • Photography or videotaping for commercial purposes requires advance written permission from the museum.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, rollerblades, roller skates, and shoes with wheels are prohibited on museum property.